Tet-a-tet Video Chat uses a trained neural network. Artificial intelligence studies all your preferences and selects the most suitable partner for you. With each of your new conversations the neural network works better.

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    STEP 1

    Find your ideal partner

    Our programmers spent more than a year creating an excellent AI. Thanks to tens of millions of connections between users per day - AI has learned to perfectly match the interlocutors. In no matter who you want to meet - with a guy or a girl. Even if you just want to have fun - you will be very good at it.

    Rather, download the Tet-a-Tet video chat from the google market and make sure of it!


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    STEP 2

    Random Video Chat

    AI selects and connects users to each other in random order. You can never guess who you will see next time. Everything happens as in casino roulette, only in our case chatroulette.

    Try it yourself and make sure it's very fun. Meet strangers from different countries.


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    STEP 3

    Enjoy pleasant communication

    You will see the interlocutor as soon as the AI finds a match for you. Search is instantaneous. You will not even have time to blink before you see the smiling face of your partner. We are sure that in a short period of time you will get a lot of new friends around the world.

    So why wait? Download the app and start having fun right now!


24/7 Moderation

Safety privacy guaranteed. No user information is sold or shared to third parties. Our moderators constantly monitor security. And block violent offenders.

If you see a violation, please notify the moderator about it. Just click the Report button. Our specialists will instantly block the intruder. And you and the other chat users will never see him again.

Please be extremely polite and friendly. Be always dressed. Demonstration of nudity and sexual scenes is prohibited.

Our Features:

Who would have thought that it could be so much fun to meet random people?

  • Gender selection: Looking for girls, boys, or both? You decide your match.
  • Engage: Send and receive likes and gifts.
  • Easily report and block people you don’t want to see again.
  • No login no registration!

Try our Tet-a-Tet Video Chat for free

You can download Tet-a-Tet app directly from Google Play store. Just press download button.